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Year: 1996

Classification: PG

Runtime: 54 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Rebecca McLean

Produced By: Elisa Argenzio

Language: English

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The gaoling of the 'Fairlea Five' was the first many Australians had heard of 'Save Our Sons'. Yet, since 1965, these women had been putting on their hats and gloves and carried their blue and white banners high - to the army barracks; to court; to Parliament House; to the City Square; and even, in 1969, to Vietnam. 'Vietnam' which, to a whole generation, was synonymous with 'War'.

Though not directly a part of the 'radical' youth counter-culture, these women educated themselves and others on the situation in Vietnam and on the laws associated with conscription and conscientious objection. In the process, their politics became increasingly radical. Proving that 'the personal is political', these women had slipped out of their 'hats and gloves' and into jeans and mini-skirts. Where once they had remained silent, they now spoke out about the war as 'slit-gut and rape' of a people.

This is a filmmakers journey through the sixties, a period full of complexities and contradictions. SAVE OUR SONS (S.O.S.). unveils the motivations and real experiences of the Save Our Sons women. What is crucial, above all, is the inspiration and sense of possibilities for political activism that these women - our foremothers - leave us with.

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