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CALL ME MUM - new upgraded 1080p file

30 March 2024

NEW UPGRADED 1080p FILE! A remarkable "Stolen Generations" feature drama directed by Margot Nash from a screenplay by Kathleen Mary Fallon, and produced by Michael McMahon. The film is a series of five interlinked stories revealing a complex web of mothering and race relations in an extended Torres Strait Islander family.

With: Catherine McClements, Vicki Saylor, Lynette Curran, Dayne Christian and Ross Thompson.

"Margot Nash's CALL ME MUM is among the finest of recent Australian films and certainly one of the most affecting and resonant." - Adrian Martin, The Monthly, February 2007

The film is dedicated to the memory of Ephraim Bani (1944-2004) and to the Torres Strait Islanders who have devoted their lives to the preservation of Torres Strait Island languages and culture. (For further films about Ephraim Bani's life and legacy, see CRACKS IN THE MASK and THE TOMBSTONE OPENING in the Ronin collection).

CALL ME MUM is available on DVD, as a digital file for screenings, and on Vimeo-on-Demand. For details see:

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