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Bridget Goodwin

Bridget Goodwin is a filmmaker and historian with a special interest in Australian cultural history. She wrote and directed the classic documentary Keen As Mustard, about secret chemical warfare field trials in Australia during World War Two. This film was Highly Commended in the Walkley Awards for Australian Journalism, a finalist in the UN Media Peace Prize and was screened in six countries, including in Britain on the eve of the Gulf War. In 1998 her book of the same title was published for Anzac Day by University of Queensland Press. Bridget's other documentary films include Over the Top with Hugh Lunn, about the best-selling Brisbane author's childhood memoir and Henry Lawson's Grenfell, about the first literary festival in Australia. She has also produced and directed several educational documentaries and is currently writing a biography of Dymphna Clark and her family for University of Queensland Press. Prior to making documentaries Bridget worked as a journalist for ABC-TV and radio.



Professor Manning Clark was a vocal advocate of the need for Australia to be independent and to develop its own culture. He began writing volumes of The History of Australia when it was unfashionable for Australians to appreciate, or recognise, anything as distinctly Australian and in his later life he was a prominent advocate of an Australian republic...


Originally released in 1989, this disturbing documentary looks at a little known aspect of Australian wartime history. Scientists, laboratory staff and military volunteers recount experiences with the Australian Chemical Warfare Unit, which, with the active involvement of both British and American resources and personnel, tested mustard gas in Queensland during the Second World War...