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Ronin Films


Jeff Bird

Jeff is an award winning filmmaker with extensive experience in the film and television industry, both in Australia and overseas. He has worked in a range of capacities, including directing, producing, cinematography and writing. His last film, Last Stand At Nymboida (writer/director), was broadcast on the History Channel in 2012, wining 18 international awards, including Best Documentary Feature at the Cincinnati Film Festival, a Special Jury Award at Worldfest Houston, Best Documentary Directing at the Colorado Film Awards, as well as the Orson Welles Award for Documentary at the California Film Awards. Other award winners include Black Gold, Kindred Spirits (director, producer, cinematographer), broadcast on ABC TV, as well as Who Mines The Riches (director/producer), a music video from the legendary Australian Ska band Strange Tenants.



An extraordinary film that captures the Australian spirit of mateship and determination. Hidden beneath the remote Nymboida Valley in Northern New South Wales, a tough band of local men laboured in the dark and dangerous tunnels of Australia’s most primitive coal mine...


Told with compelling honesty and wry humour by the mineworkers themselves, Blood on the Coal is the story of the Queensland coalfields – one of the world’s richest energy resources and for 150 years the basis of an industry fraught with unregulated hazards and tragic loss of life...