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Gina Twyble

Gina Twyble has had an extensive career in the production of documentaries and drama. Throughout the 1990s Gina worked at Film Australia overseeing the production of more than 40 documentaries made by some of Australia's finest directors and producers. Since then, she has formed her own production company, Luminous Films, and continues to work in feature film, TV drama and documentary. Her work has been screened at festivals around the world, and has been nominated for awards, including the Dendy EAC Award (winner 1999), IF Award Best Documentary (nominee 2007), Best Narration & Merit Awards at International Wildlife Film Festival, USA (2009), Best Feature Documentary at Reel Earth Festival, NZ (nominee 2009) As a documentary producer, her credits include Steel City, Our Drowned Town, Flour, Sugar, Tea, Chasing Birds, Feral Peril and The Long Goodbye.



Our brain makes us who we are, it gives us our memories, our ability to think, to understand the world around us and it gives us our sense of self...