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Robyn Nardoo

Robyn Nardoo, an Arrente woman, is an experienced filmmaker based in Alice Springs. Robyn trained at CAAMA Productions in the mid-90s before moving into freelance camera and directing work. She has worked with Imparja, National Geographic and Caama Productions amongst others.

Since 2003 Robyn has directed 4 documentaries for Caama Productions: "Time Bomb" (2003), "The Art of Healing" (2005), "Agnes Abbott: Hard Worker" (2007) and "The Artists of Ali Curung" (as part of the Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series for Imparja Television).

In 2007 Robyn returned to CAAMA Productions fulltime and in 2008 began working as Series Producer for various TV magazine series for NITV. She is currently an Executive Producer at Caama Productions.


AGNES ABBOTT: Hard Worker [from the CAAMA Collection] »

Agnes Abbott was born at Loves Creek Station in the 1930s. She lived in the bush with her Eastern Arrernte family, travelling across the parts of her homeland which are still accessible to the old people...

TIME BOMB [from the CAAMA Collection] »

In this film, Frank talks about his life – growing up in Areyonga in a valley of the Macdonnell ranges west of Alice Springs, and attending the mission school there...

ART OF HEALING, THE [from the CAAMA Collection] »

The Saint Teresa Church stands proudly in the Aboriginal community of Ltyentye Apurte, a township of 500 people, 80km south-east of Alice Springs...

ARTISTS OF ALI CURUNG [from the CAAMA Collection] »

Opened in 2008, the Arlpwe Arts Centre and Gallery, in the town of Ali Curung, 350 km north of Alice Springs, provides a focus for the work of a diverse range of Indigenous artists...