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Ronin Films


Kumud Ranjan

Born and raised in Bihar, Kumud has worked extensively in remote and difficult terrains, covering unsympathetic grounds and discovering new ways to reach people.

Armed with a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, he had worked as a video journalist with the prestigious TV channel Star News for a decade. He has covered the bloody caste struggles to violent elections; skilled with accessing inaccessible pockets of influence. This ability has given him rare access to remote marginal communities.

With a clear understanding of the socio--political situation and a sensitive gaze, Kumud is a unique producer. He is a poet, a sensibility which brings to his gaze, a lyrical and empathetic quality.

He has produced eight films including a feature documentary. As a Director of Photography he was a video journalist for many years working on a wide range of humanist subjects. Sometimes five years was spent on a single subject exploring it in-depth, and bringing out small nuances, intonations and inflections. This is his subject approach and the relation of the intrusion of the camera to it. By 2023, he had been Director of Photography of 17 film projects.



“This beautiful, spellbinding film, a weaving of cultural anthropology and visual poetry, explores sacred traditions and rituals as deep and complex as the mystery of death itself...