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Denise Haslem

Denise Haslem ASE is a producer and editor with over 25 years experience in the film and television industry. She produced and edited the award-winning Mabo Life of an Island Man, produced DocA Portrait of Herbert Vere Evatt and A Calcutta Christmas and co-produced Risky Business and Steel City.

In 2002 she spent eight months in Yirrkala, northeast Arnhem Land, producing and editing Lonely Boy Richard. In 2004 she produced and edited the second documentary shot during that time in Arnhem Land, The Pilot's Funeral. Ceremony - The Djungguwan of Northeast Arnhem Land is the third project, a DVD set that includes a new feature-length documentary Djungguwan Speaking to the Future and six mini-documentaries.

Her editing credits include many award-winning programs including Custody, My Life Without Steve, Canto a la Vida, The Night Belongs to the Novelist, Six Pack, Admission Impossible, Australia Daze, For All the World to See, The Opposite Sex, Aeroplane Dance, Mystique of the Pearl, Our Park, Hatred, Tosca - A Tale of Love and Torture, Minymaku Way and Hula Girls.

In 2002 she produced, directed and edited Film Australia's Outback DVD and in 2005 she produced and edited Lee Whitmore's animation The Safe House, also for Film Australia.

In 1998-99 she was the President of Australian Screen Editors (ASE), the guild devoted to protecting, promoting and improving the role of the editor, and in 2002 she was a recipient of an inaugural ASE accreditation.



While many people believe that the 1967 Referendum gave Aborigines the right to vote, in fact the Referendum removed two sections of the constitution that discriminated against Aborigines...