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Erika Addis

Erika Addis has worked in the film and television industry for over 25 years. Her work as a cinematographer and director of photography includes a broad range of documentaries, feature films and television series'. Her consistent delivery of high standard work has resulted in a raft of award wins including AFIs, awards from the Sydney Film Festival, an ACS Golden Tripod and a Kodak award from the St Kilda Film Festival.

Erika has an MA (Hons) in Film and Television specialising in Documentary and Screen Studies from AFTRS.


Handle with Care, SBS series, 2004, Segment Director/ Director of Photography (DP)

All Saints, Long form series, 1998, Camera Operator

Troubled Waters, Documentary, 2001, Co-Director/Cinematographer

Our Drowned Town, SBS series, 2001, documentary

Rock Shrines: Michael Hutchence, BBC series

Father's Footsteps, SBS series, Director/Cinematographer

Cyber Sisters, SBS series, Cinematographer

A Shared Table, with Stephanie Alexander, ABC food series, Director of Photography (DP)

Pandora's Secrets, BBC series, Director of Photography (DP)

Emily's Eyes, SBS Documentary, 1998, Director of Photography (DP)

Servant of the Ancestors, SBS Documentary, 1998, Director of Photography (DP)

Relative Strangers, Documentary, 1998, Director of Photography (DP)

Mama Tina, Documentary, 1998 Director of Photography (DP)

Rite of Passage, Documentary, 1998, Director of Photography (DP)

Our Park, Documentary, 1998, Director of Photography (DP)

Australian Biography, SBS series, Director of Photography (DP)

Mao's New Suit, Documentary, Channel 4, 1997, Director of Photography (DP)

Business Sunday/Sunday, Current affairs, Channel 9

Turned on by Danger, BBC series, Director of Photography (DP)

House Gang, Series 1 & 2

Hatred, Documentary, 1996, Director of Photography (DP)

A Portrait of Dr Herbert Vere Evatt, Documentary, 1995,

Rough Riders, Documentary, 1995,

Kosky in Paradise, Biopic, 1996,

To the Distant Shore, Drama, Director of Photography (DP)

Under Rookwood, Experimental, 1996, Director of Photography (DP)

You Might As Well Live, Documentary, 1995, Director of Photography (DP)

My Own Flesh and Blood, Documentary, 1994, Director of Photography (DP)

Speak Quiet, Speak Strong, Documentary, 1995,

Lowering the Tone – 45 years of Robyn Archer, Documentary, 1993,

Beating about the Bush, Documentary, 1993,

I'm Your Venus, Documentary,

One Way Street, Documentary, 1992,

For All The World to See, Feature documentary, 1992,

The Sleep of Reason, Documentary, 1992,

Heroes of Our Time, Documentary, 1991,

Breathing under Water, Drama feature 1993

Nganampa Wai, Documentary,

The People's Diva – Joan Carden, Biopic

Canta A La Vida, Documentary, 1990,

Bun Steer, Drama

Brutini, Drama

The Tightrope Dancer, Documentary, 1990,

Patterns of Landscape – Fred Williams, Documentary

Passiona, Drama

Australia Daze, Feature Documentary, 1988

My Life Without Steve, Short feature 1986

The Nights Belong to the Novelist, Dramatised documentary, 1988,

The Heart Has No Wrinkles, Drama, 1988,

Serious Undertakings, Documentised drama, 1988,

Arguing the Toss of the Cate, Telefeature

Don't Call me Girlie, Archival documentary, 1985

Blood Ties, Short drama

Tightrope, Documentary

Kylie Tennant, Documentary, 1986,

Desiderius Orban, Documentary

For Love of Money, Historical program

Tokyo Rose North, Documentary

Something Creative, Documentary



The film explores montage techniques with playful complex effects. The collision of images of child care and terror is stunningly effective: a pram is used as the device which stops the industrialist's car to enable the kidnap; the pram recurs in the famous scene from Eisenstein's BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN where it goes careering down the Odessa Steps, and is pulled laboriously back up by a contemporary mother in a modern city...