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Ronin Films


Robin McLachlan

ROBIN McLACHLAN describes himself as a "public historian", that is a professional historian who works within and for the community, applying the expertise and knowledge of a trained historian directly to the needs of the community to appreciate and safeguard its history. His driving interest is to make history accessible beyond the cloistered narcissistic world of academic historians. His public work has been presented through the medium of theatre, film and the internet, as well as through structured education programmes (with major institutions), commissioned histories, public talks, guided walks, interpretative signage and exhibitions.

Dr McLachlan collaborated with Andrew Pike on the production of THE CHIFLEYS OF BUSBY STREET, a film exploring community memory of Ben Chifley, Prime Minister of Australia from 1945 to 1949, and a life-long resident of the NSW regional centre of Bathurst.



WINNER of Canberra Critics' Circle Award for Film, 2009: "a brilliant cinematic exercise in 'People's History'". Ben Chifley (1885 – 1951) was a railway engine-driver who became Australia’s best-loved Prime Minister in 1945...