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Year: 2006

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: PG

Runtime: 52 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Anne Delaney, Lara Cole

Produced By: Anne Delaney

Language: English

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On the very edge of Sydney, where suburban sprawl meets bush, is the ageing public housing estate of Airds. Crime rates in Airds are among the highest in the country. Nearly half the residents are unemployed and most children grow up in single-parent families. But it's also some of the cheapest property you can buy in Sydney.

This is a tender, moving and intimate film that dramatically shows how broad social change impacts on our domestic lives.

Daniel and Kim Torr blow their budget by $30,000 to buy an abandoned house in Airds. The couple struggle to turn it into a home for their four young boys. Their dreams aren't extravagant but the ones they have are shattered when the market nose-dives and Daniel loses his job.

Tracey Brotherstone is a public housing tenant who lives in a street with six known drug dealers. Earmarked for demolition, no major maintenance has been done on her dilapidated home for seven years. She's desperate to get out of Airds, especially after her partner gets bashed at the local pub.

Sandy May is a single mum who ended up in emergency housing in Airds as a result of domestic violence. She gets a lucky break when her mum offers to mortgage her own home to buy her a house in a private suburb. But the new house doesn't solve all of Sandy's problems when her on-again, off-again boyfriend turns up.

Robyn Harrison is the charismatic real estate agent with one of the toughest jobs in Sydney. Robyn has an unshakeable belief that privatising houses in Airds will bring much needed social reform to the estate. When the market plunges her job gets much harder.

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