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Year: 2003

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: G

Runtime: 120 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Vlodek Skiba

Produced By: Kirsten Wehner

Language: English


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100 years of Australia's House of Representatives.

Drawing on historical events and contemporary opinions, the four episode documentary A House for the Nation provides a thought-provoking look at some of the key issues that have confronted the House of Representatives during its first century (1901-2001)-issues that still challenge us today.

Episode One: The Great Divide considers the rise of political parties and their impact on the ideals and workings of the House of Representatives.

Episode Two: The Sum of the Parts looks at the increase in the power of the federal government over national affairs and the changing role of the House of Representatives in Australia's federation.

Episode Three: The Players traces the struggle of women to gain a voice in the House of Representatives and asks what makes the House truly representative of all Australians.

Episode Four: Growing Pains examines how Members have reshaped the House of Representatives to meet the challenges of a changing nation.

Narrated by AFI award-winner Rachael Blake and featuring historic footage from the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, A House for the Nation examines what has shaped today's House of Representatives
and how the House has helped to shape the nation.

Produced by the Department of the House of Representatives in association
with the Department of the Parliamentary Reporting Staff.

Writer and producer: Kirsten Wehner Executive producer: Andres Lomp
Director: Vlodek Skiba Original music: Ruth Lee Martin

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