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Year: 2000

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: G

Runtime: 35 min

Produced In: USA

Directed By: Debra Chasnoff

Produced By: Ariella Ben-Dov, Debra Chasnoff, Fawn Yacker

Language: English


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An outstanding American independent documentary – from the makers of the award-winning LET'S GET REAL!

THAT'S A FAMILY! is a highly entertaining documentary that breaks new ground in helping children see and understand many of the different shapes that families take today.

THAT'S A FAMILY! will stretch your mind and touch your heart, no matter what your age. With blunt and sometimes hilarious candour, the children who star in THAT'S A FAMILY! take us on a tour through their lives and speak movingly about their unique family experiences, explaining concepts like 'birth mum', 'mixed race', 'guardian', 'gay and lesbian' and 'stepdad'.

"An extraordinary film that teaches a poignant lesson about love and family."
- Robin Williams.

Includes 63-page curriculum guide [supplied on CD with every purchase].

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