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Year: 2007

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: PG

Runtime: 25 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Christopher Houghton

Produced By: Louise Pascale

Language: English + Vietnamese with English subtitles

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Sarah is 17, Australian Vietnamese and rides the wave of rebellion most girls her age enjoy. But something else is troubling her. She continues to clash with her mother, rejects working in the family restaurant and takes a job cleaning the house of a blind Vietnam Veteran.

Sarah conceals her heritage and lies about her appearance. Likewise, the old man avoids questions about his own history and the pair entertain a relationship of secrets. They become friends until a few comments from the old man rattle her and she discovers a gift for a young woman. Assuming it's for her she attacks the only friend she has and runs.

Back home, the event provokes an outburst with her mother. Her angst gives way to her true pain, the recent death of her father and she realises how much her mother is feeling it too. Sarah reconciles with the old man ultimately revealing her Vietnamese self and allows him the chance to revisit his own past. Sarah returns home and through an unfamiliar act of generosity offers a truce.

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