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Year: 2004

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: PG

Runtime: 90 min

Directed By: Adam Shapiro

Language: English subtitles


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In July of 2003, exiled writer and poet Sinan Antoon returned to his native Baghdad with a team of independent filmmakers, artists and activists to document the effects that decades of oppression, war, sanctions and occupation have had on his city. The result is a fascinating mosaic of opinions, perspectives, desires and memories that offers a picture far more complex than the limited one presented by mainstream media. ABOUT BAGHDAD pays tribute to the people of Baghdad as they struggle to come to terms with the tragic fate of their beloved city.

Big Apple Film Festival 2004 (NY)

IDFA 2004 (Amsterdam)

"About Baghdad, manages to present a true diversity of opinion . . . emotionally and intellectually challenging." - The New York Times.

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