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Year: 1993

Classification: PG

Runtime: 30 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Esben Storm

Produced By: Denise Patience

Language: English

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Ray and his best friend Cindy, together with Cindy's older sister, Kate, are involved in a school play. Directed by their drama teacher Mr Humble (Mark Little) the play is an allegorical story in which an angel comes to rescue a group of slave children held captive on board wicked Diablo's pirate ship.

Ray is nervous about his part, as opposed to Kate who is confident in her starring role. Meanwhile, all is not right at Ray's home where he is no longer able to tolerate his father's sexual abuse of his younger brother Mikey. The combined pressure of home and school take their toll and Ray drops out of the play as Cindy becomes more concerned about her friend's withdrawal. With the support of his friends and teacher, Ray finally takes a stand against his father.

Very few films are available for young audiences on the subject of sexual abuse. DIABLO IS DONE FOR has proved to be one of Ronin's most popular titles. This drama about sexual abuse has been designed specifically for high school audiences and youth groups.

A detailed study guide is available to assist teachers and community workers in using the film.

  • WINNER! 1994 ATOM Award - Secondary Student Judging Panel.

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