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Classification: G

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Various

Produced By: Various

Language: English

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PUTUPARRI and the Rainmakers
Against the backdrop of Australia’s tangled colonial and Indigenous history, Putuparri and the Rainmakers explores one man’s struggle to fulfill his destiny.
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Legendary Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil tells the story of what happened when his people’s way of life was interrupted. This film speaks eloquently of the havoc caused by the superimposition of a new culture over an old culture.
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The inmates of a Darwin prison are shown in a new light in Australia’s first documentary musical. Incarcerated in tropical Northern Territory, over 800 inmates squeeze into the overcrowded spaces of Berrimah Prison, and share their experiences in the most extraordinary way – through song.
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In Redfern, in inner Sydney, a group of determined visionaries pioneered the National Black Theatre at a turbulent time for Indigenous politics in the 1970s. The Theatre left a lasting legacy on national politics, social welfare and the Australian arts scene.
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Jack Buckskin is a man whose mission is to sculpt a new urban Aboriginal language and culture, and through that bring hope back to his people.
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